maandag 25 juli 2011

Project runway

I went to the central museum of Utrecht to see the exposition from Iris van Herpen.
It was nice to see all her beautiful dresses from this near, you can see how she made it and what kind of fabrics she used.
There was also a 3D printer and it was printing the dress just in front of you, it was crazy to see.
I love the way off thinking of Iris van Herpen, she is using hightechnical things and she is one of the first designers, I like that.
I think in about a few years we'll laugh with eachother that the 3D printer was that special and so big.
Next to the central museum there was a Dick Bruna house, the creater of Nijntje.
Because the house is there for 5 years now, they asked 15 fashiondesigners to creat some outfit for Nijntje.
There was a real Runway for Nijntje with different ouftits.
It was so funny to see, because when I was a child, I always wanted to read Nijntje and now it is like a fashion icon.
I really liked the one from i-did slow fashion they made "the girl with the pearl earring".

2 opmerkingen:

Brenda zei

wauw de stukken van iris van herpen zien er weer prachtig uit :)

soldoutforever zei

I love Iris van Herpen!!

Zij stond ook met die waterfonteinjurk op de Arnhem mode Biennale! Die jurk is echt mijn ultieme favoriet :)