maandag 25 juli 2011

Catherine Baba

I allready loved Catherine Baba before I saw her at Amsterdam fashionweek.
Catherine Baba is a stylist and she lives in Paris for 15 years now, nobody knows how old she is.
Her work as a stylist is amazing, she has that Paris vibe in her work.
This woman has something mysterical around her.
The most of the time she is wearing a tulband and big sunglasses.
You think you know her because of her excentric style, she is one of a kind, but in the same time she doesn't show her eyes or hair. So you don't know her personal.
I think fashion is about that, you can be who ever you wanna be, but you never have to show the real person you are. It's like a mask, you can put it on and you have to put it of before sleeping.

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