zaterdag 16 juli 2011

AIFW 2011, thursday 15th of july

I went to Amsterdam fashionweek thursday it was the second day.
As you know I don't have my own camera, for this day it was terrible to haven't one and my camera of my blackberry is broken.
So I put some pictures I found on websites, this ones are from Peter Stigter.
I went to the show from Generation 12 a show for master students from Artez.
I didn't like everything, I allready saw it, it was not very new. This men collection from Zheng Zheng I really loved, the length of the trousers I really liked and it was a lot of fun to watch. He was my favorite.
I also went to Pauline van Dongen, I really loved her show, it was perfect. The collection was complete. The shoes were beautiful, I really want the shoes. I loved the dresses and the trousers.
When I was watching it, I got that happy, warm feeling from the clothes, that's all I ask from a collection.
The last show was Lichting 2011, I really loved 2 designers. The collectin of Lotte Mostert was really nice, I got that I want to have that feeling, especially for all the knitwear and this blacksuit.
The other one was Nicolaas Hein again a men collectin, I really loved the colors in this collection and the crazyness. It whole picture was complete, you saw the story behind the collection.
I found a picture of me taken at AIFW, so you guys can see what I was wearing. They were making a picture of beautiful Aynouk Tan. So I'm sitting on the left of her.
I hope I'll find more picture of me at AIFW, so I can show you.
I was wearing:
Golden blazer - vintage
Red trousers - H&M
Shoes - Nelly

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