maandag 29 augustus 2011

I'm into you

I'm definitely not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but this time her music video "I'm into you" makes me happy with the sound off. I really don't like the song, only the voice of Lil Wayne maybe, but damn the styling!
The snake dress is from Lanvin and the other one is from Roberto Cavalli I think that dress is THE dress, I'm in love with that dress.
The shoes, the accessories every single piece of the styling is perfect!
I can't find who the stylist is, so if anyone knows, tell me!!

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

My first outfitpost

My first official outfitpost for my blog, I hope there are many more to come and I hope you guys like my style.
Lately I'm in love with the animal prints!
Dress - H&M
Legging - Albert Kuyp market
Shoes - Asos

donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Keep it?!

Today I bought this hat, I wanna know what you think about it! Do I have to keep it, I'm in doubt because I always wear my hair up in a some messy thing. With this hat it's not possible, so I tried some different ways with my hair. I feel the bohemian vibe with this hat that I really like.

So please help me and let me know what you think!

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

The woman I want to be

The last week I watched all the episodes of the Rachel Zoe project.
I was allready a big fan of her, but now I'm in love with her.
I love her clothes, I love the way she dresses people, I love the way she talks about clothes and how she managed her brand.
Most of all I love her style, so I couldn't resist it to put some pictures of her on my blog.

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Cupcakes & Fashion

I was so busy the last few weeks, a lot of personal things where going on in my life.
So I put some pictures together of the last weeks!
I also turned 24 last week, so I gave a little party with my beautiful friends, I made some cupcakes, we drank a couple of wines, played some SingStar and laughed a lot.
My boyfriend gave me a Iphone for my birthday, so I downloaded Instagram app immediately and tried it out on some pictures.
Here are the results!
I also got the Sex and the City box, I'm so happy to know there is coming a third movie and another season on television. Till then I'll watch all the first seasons for like the 10th time.
My parents gave me an amazing camera, but I need to figure it out and than I can post some outfit pictures.
I made allready some with my Iphone but it's in the miror, I hate that kind of pictures.
The pictures in the miror, where before a diner with the family of my BF, it was next to the beach, I loved it!
Last sunday I saw one of my best friends, we enjoyed the wheather in Amsterdam, but it's funny with her when I see her (she lives 3hours away from me) we always wearing something similair. This sunday it were our sunglasses.

dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Miu Miu I want you!

Miu Miu's glitter bow ankle boots.
I'm in love, especially the pink with gold one.

maandag 8 augustus 2011

Birthday dress

Next to my study I worked at H&M, today was my last day, because I'm starting an exciting internship next week at
So I was looking in the sale and found this amazing Lanvin for H&M dress for like 10euro's, I'm so happy. This dress is perfect for my birthday coming up the 19th of august.
Don't you think so?

zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Happiest girl on earth

I really love this time of the year with all the septembre issues.
Everybody I know who is on holiday, I ask them to bring the Vogue for me.
All the time it feels like a gift and you can't make me more happier.
The first one I got is the Britisch Vogue.
I'm a huge fan of Freja Beha Erichsen and in this Editorial; Master Class with her girlfriend Arizona Muse she is amazing like usual.
The most lovely thing from this Vogue is the exclusive DVD Vogue catwalking, it's very handy to have all the trends from this season on one DVD.