zondag 31 juli 2011

My accessories inspiration

This is my second collage, this time it's about accessories.
A good outfit can't exist without good accessory, I really love clutches, a lot of bracelets on one arm and offcourse the big rings.
I still want to have a snake bracelet, I had one but it is broken.
Sometimes I love silver jewellery and sometimes I love gold, it depense on my mood.
I love watches, when you have a beautiful one it makes a outfit complete.
I didn't found the perfect watch yet.
My favorite accessory are not the most beautiful ones, but the ones they have a story for me. The bracelet my boyfriend gave to me, the necklace I got from a very important girlfriend.
What's your favorite accessoiry?

donderdag 28 juli 2011


I put some inspiration from myself in a collage.
I hope you like it, I think in a collage you can feel the mood better I'm trying to give.
Let me know what you think about the idea to put inspiration or other pictures in a collage like this.

maandag 25 juli 2011

Catherine Baba

I allready loved Catherine Baba before I saw her at Amsterdam fashionweek.
Catherine Baba is a stylist and she lives in Paris for 15 years now, nobody knows how old she is.
Her work as a stylist is amazing, she has that Paris vibe in her work.
This woman has something mysterical around her.
The most of the time she is wearing a tulband and big sunglasses.
You think you know her because of her excentric style, she is one of a kind, but in the same time she doesn't show her eyes or hair. So you don't know her personal.
I think fashion is about that, you can be who ever you wanna be, but you never have to show the real person you are. It's like a mask, you can put it on and you have to put it of before sleeping.

Project runway

I went to the central museum of Utrecht to see the exposition from Iris van Herpen.
It was nice to see all her beautiful dresses from this near, you can see how she made it and what kind of fabrics she used.
There was also a 3D printer and it was printing the dress just in front of you, it was crazy to see.
I love the way off thinking of Iris van Herpen, she is using hightechnical things and she is one of the first designers, I like that.
I think in about a few years we'll laugh with eachother that the 3D printer was that special and so big.
Next to the central museum there was a Dick Bruna house, the creater of Nijntje.
Because the house is there for 5 years now, they asked 15 fashiondesigners to creat some outfit for Nijntje.
There was a real Runway for Nijntje with different ouftits.
It was so funny to see, because when I was a child, I always wanted to read Nijntje and now it is like a fashion icon.
I really liked the one from i-did slow fashion they made "the girl with the pearl earring".

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Elizabeth & James

I saw this pictures of the new collection from textile Elizabeth & James.
Like you know I really like the Olsen twins, but the collections from Elizabeth & James and the Row where beautiful and I really wanted to have some items.
For the first time this collection got me, I like everyt piece, I love the whole look and feeling.
It's more bohemian, it's perfect!

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Not rich, but good taste

I allready posted some photo's from myself at fashionweek.
I found a better picture of myself.
Modereporters made this picture.

maandag 18 juli 2011

What makes a girl really happy?

I bought this amazing jacket today in sale at missselfridge.
I really love the color, I didn't have a real jacket for the summer/spring/autumn, because normally I don't love them, but this color make it something special.
I hope the fabric is falling very beautiful and light around my body, than it will be the perfect jacket for me.
I'm so happy!
Buying clothes in sale is the best thing, especially when you know how much it costs in the beginning.
What do you think of it?

zondag 17 juli 2011

Animal world

I did the styling of this shoot.
It's about the animal world.
The male animals are more beautiful than the female.
And when they want to make love, the male animal makes some part of the body bigger to impress the female.
So I put many colors in this shoot and I wanted to make a sort of animal skin by cutting some holes in the top and put another color under.
Photography by: Lorena van Bunningen

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

AIFW 2011, thursday 15th of july

I went to Amsterdam fashionweek thursday it was the second day.
As you know I don't have my own camera, for this day it was terrible to haven't one and my camera of my blackberry is broken.
So I put some pictures I found on websites, this ones are from Peter Stigter.
I went to the show from Generation 12 a show for master students from Artez.
I didn't like everything, I allready saw it, it was not very new. This men collection from Zheng Zheng I really loved, the length of the trousers I really liked and it was a lot of fun to watch. He was my favorite.
I also went to Pauline van Dongen, I really loved her show, it was perfect. The collection was complete. The shoes were beautiful, I really want the shoes. I loved the dresses and the trousers.
When I was watching it, I got that happy, warm feeling from the clothes, that's all I ask from a collection.
The last show was Lichting 2011, I really loved 2 designers. The collectin of Lotte Mostert was really nice, I got that I want to have that feeling, especially for all the knitwear and this blacksuit.
The other one was Nicolaas Hein again a men collectin, I really loved the colors in this collection and the crazyness. It whole picture was complete, you saw the story behind the collection.
I found a picture of me taken at AIFW, so you guys can see what I was wearing. They were making a picture of beautiful Aynouk Tan. So I'm sitting on the left of her.
I hope I'll find more picture of me at AIFW, so I can show you.
I was wearing:
Golden blazer - vintage
Red trousers - H&M
Shoes - Nelly

maandag 11 juli 2011

This is me

This is me, I look very angry when I'm smoking, but I don't have my own camera.
That's why I never post pictures of myself, only when it's for some modelling job.
But this is me!
More outfitpost will come later, I'll have a camera in about a few weeks and I can make pictures whenever I want.

zondag 10 juli 2011

Girlcrush 1: Vanessa Traina

Damn I really adore this woman, she is beautiful, she dresses herself very good.
She is a stylist and model, everything she does I love, all the jobs she does, I want to be in her shoes.
I admire her!
I found also nice pictures of her home, I even love her house.