maandag 29 augustus 2011

I'm into you

I'm definitely not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but this time her music video "I'm into you" makes me happy with the sound off. I really don't like the song, only the voice of Lil Wayne maybe, but damn the styling!
The snake dress is from Lanvin and the other one is from Roberto Cavalli I think that dress is THE dress, I'm in love with that dress.
The shoes, the accessories every single piece of the styling is perfect!
I can't find who the stylist is, so if anyone knows, tell me!!

4 opmerkingen:

Fashion Insanity zei

Ze ziet er mooi uit hea!

sold out forever zei

mooie zeg! :)

Żaneta Góraj zei

Amazing,I love it :)
Greeting from Poland ^^


hey sweetie!! im following you :) love your blog!! follow back if u like mine plz!