dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Cupcakes & Fashion

I was so busy the last few weeks, a lot of personal things where going on in my life.
So I put some pictures together of the last weeks!
I also turned 24 last week, so I gave a little party with my beautiful friends, I made some cupcakes, we drank a couple of wines, played some SingStar and laughed a lot.
My boyfriend gave me a Iphone for my birthday, so I downloaded Instagram app immediately and tried it out on some pictures.
Here are the results!
I also got the Sex and the City box, I'm so happy to know there is coming a third movie and another season on television. Till then I'll watch all the first seasons for like the 10th time.
My parents gave me an amazing camera, but I need to figure it out and than I can post some outfit pictures.
I made allready some with my Iphone but it's in the miror, I hate that kind of pictures.
The pictures in the miror, where before a diner with the family of my BF, it was next to the beach, I loved it!
Last sunday I saw one of my best friends, we enjoyed the wheather in Amsterdam, but it's funny with her when I see her (she lives 3hours away from me) we always wearing something similair. This sunday it were our sunglasses.

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